Comic Con 2012: The Avengers versus Firefly

Avengers Assemble!Later today the cast of Firefly will join with Joss Whedon and some of the writers at a Comic Con panel to celebrate the show's 10th anniversary. I could easily write a rant about how to show was wronged by its cancellation and how it could have been a game changer if treated differently by its network, but you can find those kinds of posts all over the internet. Instead, in honor of Joss Whedon's involvement in both, I will recast The Avengers with actors from Firefly.

The most obvious first choice would be Nathan Fillion taking over the armor of Iron Man. Over the past few years, Fillion has been fan-casted as just about every comic book character this side of Batman, but his snarkiness and boyish sense of charm would be perfect for a slightly less sardonic take on Tony Stark.

The next obvious to me is Summer Glau as Black Widow. She did some of the same sorts of acrobatic combat stunts in Firefly (or at least her stunt double did) and she's pretty good with the straight-faced expressions that never shows what she's thinking or feeling.

Fernando decided that Sean Maher should be mild-mannered Bruce Banner. His crazy alter ego Hulk would be CGI anyway, so his lanky stature wouldn't make a different. I think that might be type casting him as a scientist doctor guy, but I think Maher would make a good foil to Fillion's Stark.

Now the casting gets a little harder. There aren't really any more obvious choices, though Adam Baldwin as the gruff Nick Fury seems to make the most sense. He would rock that eyepatch and he's good at playing grumpy characters that like to boss people around. Plus he would get to walk around being a badass and that's where Baldwin excels.

I think I would gender swap Captain America and cast Gina Torres as the super soldier from the past. I would love to see her cast as Wonder Woman in something, though that's the wrong comic company and has nothing to do with The Avengers anyway. I know having a woman - much less a woman of color - as a super soldier from the 1940s is a little weird, but this is a comic book film. Nothing makes that much logical sense.

I'd also gender swap Hawkeye so that Jewel Staite could take over his bow and arrow. Stronger than she looks, Staite would be great at playing the sort of unassuming type that surprises whenever she goes full throttle. I can easily see her hitching rides from her fellow Avengers and being awesome even when most people would doubt her abilities since they aren't "super powers".

For Maria Hill, another gender swap. Hill spent most of the time in the background of The Avengers, barking out orders when things became chaotic or Nick Fury was otherwise disposed. I think Ron Glass, former preacher (possible assassin?), would make a great substitute for the quiet strength that is needed to be Fury's right-hand (wo)man.

Agent Coulson would turn into Morena Baccarin. Coulson is quite possibly the most awesome character in the current Marvel universe and is definitely beloved by viewers. Baccarin played evil straight-faced in V as an alien queen. I think she could easily play the patient and supportive yet stoic Coulson.

Then we come to the silliest casting choice, the one that is the real reason I'm making this list. Alan Tudyk as Thor. Think about it. It's the most ridiculous choice, but wouldn't it be completely awesome? I suppose Thor wouldn't be as seriously minded as he is in the current incarnation of The Avengers, and I don't really think Tudyk could bulk up to the point that's required for the part, but it would be wonderfully hysterical.

And because I've run out of members of the Firefly cast, I'll jump to another milestone in the Whedon overe and cast James Marsters as Loki. He played Spike as on the edge of madness for years and though he's a bit older than Tom Hiddleston, I think he could really take that part and do something crazy with it. Plus it would be nice to see Marsters in something again and we know he can do a believable accent.

Unfortunately I will not be attending this historic reunion of what is arguably Whendon's best show, primarily because hundreds of people were already in line at 11:30pm last night and I'm not very good at sleepy outside. So I hope everyone who gets in had a fantastic time and tells the rest of us all about it.