Comic Con 2012: Leslie's Five Favorite Moments

Comic Con is a giant jumble of crazy moments, where at any given moment, you’re going to run into a celebrity or find someone in the most elaborate, crazy costume you’ve ever seen. You’re always missing something, but at the same time, you’re having so much fun that you probably don’t care that much. Here are five of my favorite moments from San Diego Comic Con 2012, in no particular order.

Random Celebrity Sightings

A lot of celebrities just sort of roam around during Comic Con. They visit people who sleep outside all night to see certain panels and they eat in restaurants with all the normal people. I’ve never been big on meeting celebrities, but I always get a huge jolt of giddiness seeing one near me. This year we crossed paths with Mark Sheppard and Jim Beaver of Supernatural one night when we were crossing the street back to our hotel. I’m pretty sure Jim Beaver saw my jaw hit the ground when I recognized them, but I was too dumbstruck to say anything.

Seth Green nearly ran me over while filming something with his phone in the exhibit hall. Comic Con isn’t really Comic Con if we don’t have the annual Seth Green sighting. And speaking of people nearly running into me, apparently I nearly had a collision with this dude from Alphas while I was eating gelato and (once again) walking back to our hotel. All I saw was a plaid shirt very close to my face and then he was gone.

I went by the Simon & Schuster booth to talk to my contact there, only to turn to my right to find John Barrowman sitting five feet away from me. I met him during my first Con, but it was still giddy shock the moment I saw him. And then if you follow us on Twitter, you might have seen me mention that one Misha Collins ran by us in the Hall H line on his morning jog Sunday. That just made me grin.


Meeting Marissa Meyer

I love Cinder. I loved Cinder before I ever read it and I tell everyone I know that likes YA to read Cinder because it is super awesome and has an android lead character. Marissa has been generous enough with her time to chat with me via email, Twitter and Facebook over the last year or so. She also suggested that Working for the Mandroid be used on her debut author tour, which left me a little dumbstruck and incredibly excited. So it was incredibly exciting to finally meet Marissa in person at her signing of Cinder. Yes, getting a copy of Scarlet also added to the greatness of the moment, but for me one of the highlights of the Con was to finally meet her and tell her how much I love her work in person.


The Trifecta that is Fringe, Supernatural and Doctor Who Back to Back

I really hate Hall H. It’s a giant cavernous room that holds about 6,000 people and our first year, I made the big mistake of camping out there all day. By the time the day was over, my inner rage monster had snuck out and I hated just about everyone. From then on, I try to take Hall H in small doses and this year the line to get in seemed to be longer than it has ever been, but I was willing to put in the line standing time and site in that cavernous room to see the casts of three of my favorite shows. The cast ofFringe was delightfully funny and emotional about their last season. The boys of Supernatural did their level best to entertain while saying absolutely NOTHING AT ALL. And of course Matt Smith doesn’t know how to be anything other than charming. All together it was three hours of humor and cast mates showing exactly how much they loved being in the company of each other. Plus we got to see footage of DINOSAURS on SPACESHIPS! So, you know, that’s a win.


Finally Seeing Ian Somerhalder in Person

It seems like I miss The Vampire Diaries panel every year for one reason or another, but not this year! I finally got to see Crazy Eyes, the Boring One, and Elena in person. While they might not have best utilized their panel to appeal to the audience filled with mostly True Blood fans, they managed to – just like the boys of Supernatural – be entertaining and hilarious without saying a single thing about the upcoming season. The True Blood panel might have had more content, but I think The Vampire Diaries panel was more fun.


Getting a Commission from Katie Cook 

I love Katie Cook. She manages to make everything adorable, but everybody else seems to love her too. Her booth in Artist’s Alley was always swarming with people. That makes it difficult to get original art from her, but luckily I was able to get to her early Saturday morning and make a request for my very own Katie Cook original:



There were so many great things about Comic Con, but those are the moments that will best distinguish this from the ones I’ve attended in the past and the ones I will hopefully attend in the future. Yes, I wasn’t in any of the super big panels, but I feel like I did more than those people who slept outside and stood in line for hours upon hours. Plus now that I’m home, I can catch up on all the giant robots versus monsters news and all the other things I was too busy to see.