Comic Con 2012: Fernando's Five Favorite Things

Comic Con 2012 ended four days ago. Here are my five favorite moments from this year’s Con.

5. HBO swag bags

My adoration of Game of Thrones is well documented. Leslie and I also enjoy True Blood. We decided to attend the panels because of how much we enjoy both shows. Along the way we discovered the fantastic tradition of the HBO swag bags. Each show gave a small pull bag, the book equivalent of the current season, a T-shirt, a month free on Xbox Premium, and a small trinket (Game of Thrones keychain, a True Blood stress ball). It needs to be pointed out that each item can be purchased from the HBO store, putting a value of approximately $50 per bag. That is how you show fans you appreciate them. Thank you, HBO! The HBO bags are easily the best promotional swag at the Con. 


4. Twitter giveaways

This year Leslie and I were sporting iPhones at Comic Con. Each of us has a twitter account and Leslie created a wonderful list that kept each of apprised of all the Twitter happenings. That small app and list was the reason we won two Twitter giveaways! The first was a Game of Thrones (@gameofthrones surprise, surprise) Mondo poster giveaway that involved us being one of the first 100 people at a specific spot at a specific time in order to win. The next was done as a promotion for The Dark Knight Rises (because that movie needs more hype) done by @batsignalsearch that involved a similar right place, right time tweet with the added caveat to tweet a picture of a bat signal that was projected at the location. The big prize was a premiere viewing in your home town with runner-up prizes of Mondo posters. In both cases we walked away with Mondo posters. If you are not familiar with Mondo's art, check it out here


3. Panels 


As always the panels at Comic Con are amazing. This year seemed like it might be a let-down with big hitters like Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki missing from The Big Bang Theory panel and Peter Dinklage and Jack Gleeson both missing from the Game of Thrones panel; however, neither panel was a disappointment. The Big Bang Theory made up for it with funny banter from the remaining cast as well as a surprise announcement, where one of the lucky attendees got a ticket to go to SPACE! The best panel for me had to be from the cast of Fringe. Watching Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Lance Reddick and Jasika Nicole each giving insite into their characters was fascinating. The highlight was a poorly placed pause on Torv's response to a question on what she’s learned from Olivia: " I think it's to come…" Jackson’s immediate laughter helped the crowd realize the pun which lead to a red faced Torv. 


2. Hotel Location (see picture above for the view from the hotel room)

This year two things helped us get the hotel we wanted: luck and timing. We could not have gauged the differences a close hotel makes in the overall Comic Con experience back in March. The Hilton Gaslamp was where we laid our heads to rest and it quickly became the biggest blessing for out 2012 pilgrimage. We could see the lines forming, we could drop off loads of books/swag, we could recharge our phones/selves and best of all we were in the thick of it in under two minutes! The hotel proximity enhanced our 5 days in Comic Con land and made our time there extraordinary. 


1. Signings

I don't chase movie stars but I have to confess at Comic Conm there are some exceptions. At our first Comic Con in 2009, I stopped dead in my tracks when I got a glimpse of the great Leonard Nimoy, I immediately got in line to get a signature. In 2012 I was lucky enough to draw tickets that allowed me to get a poster signed from the cast of Fringe and from Game of Thrones author George RR Martin. This was last appearance at Comic Con for the cast of Fringe and having been a big fan of the show that poster and interaction while getting their signatures was a once in a lifetime chance. Martin’s signature means something to me on a different level - I NEVER READ. George RR Martin changed that and his epic novels are a true joy to my day and meeting him was just as epic.