Comic Con 2012: The Wonderful Art of the Con by Katie Cook, Lord Mesa, & More

The best part of the Comic Con exhibit hall is Artist Alley, where artists showcase their work and often times take commissions for a fee, drawing whatever they're asked to do. Every year we come home with lots of art to add to our collection and this year was no exception. Here are the newest pieces we'll be adding to our walls.

Most of the Comic Con artwork is related to comics, fantasy or science fiction, so I was surprised when I came across the sweet art of Celine Chapus. Be forewarned if you check out her site,, because she does a lot of moderately NSFW with her collection of angel-inspired artwork. Most of her work is more of the romance genre, but I loved this commission she'd done for a writer friend. Cupcakes and books, who needs anything else? This piece will take up some prime real estate in my library.

You can also find Ms. Chapus on Twitter at @purpleceline.

Fernando was on a mission to find some Game of Thrones art and was successful. These are postcard-sized prints from the artist who does official GoT cover artwork for the graphic novel adaptation. Mike S. Miller does some pretty incredible things and you can see much more of his artwork on his DeviantArt account here.

I love Lord Mesa. He makes some of the most adorable superhero artwork out there. For the past three years, I've bought new artwork from him and this year, we finally bought our first piece of Marvel superhero art. I mean, how could we not buy this Avengers inspired piece?

He's also drawn all the characters from Young Justice, which is my favorite superhero cartoon now that I've caught up with Super Hero Squad. I heart Robin. To see a lot more of Lord Mesa's art, check out his DeviantArt account.

By the time we were loaded down with too much art and Fernando had declared he would buy no more, I found this print by Tess Fowler, an artist I hadn't heard of before. Of course, he bought it immediately (which was lucky for him because it was her last copy). To see more of her work (including My Little Pony, Doctor Who, and a slew of female superheroes), check out her blog here.

I got Superman: Earth One for Fernando as a Christmas present last year. He got super excited when he discovered the cover artist, Shane Davis, selling prints in Artist Alley. Turns out he's done a ton of DC cover artwork.

A few months ago, I posted about Steve Dooley's Victorian steampunk series of superheroines. To my surprise, Mr. Dooley was in artist alley selling prints of his series. I had to buy some because these are gorgeous and my walls need more fancy battle armour and corsets. I love Wonder Woman the most. You can see his entire series here. And can I just say that there are more on his DeviantArt account that he didn't have with him and OMG LADY MECHANIKA! I hope he returns next year with others because I will BUY ALL THE THINGS!



And then of course, there's my Katie Cook commission of Batwoman. I never got close enough to her to get more minipaintings, but I love this Batwoman painting so much, I'm perfectly fine with that. Visit her on Twitter (@katiecandraw) because she's super amusing.