Random Tuesday: An Origin Movie, Neil Gaiman Dream Casting and Movie Rumors

I'm a little grumpy today because the Olympics apparently has caused people to forget what a spoiler alert is. Facebook has run amok with people spoiling things I don't want to know about, and as I use Facebook for work-related things, it's not like I can avoid it during the work day. Just if you're watching events live, remember we all can't do that and use spoiler alerts please.

Anyway, how about some randomness on this hot Tuesday?

- Yesterday Peter Jackson announced that he's turning The Hobbit set of movies into a trilogy after seeing all the footage he came away with. Now for those of you keeping track at home, The Hobbit is one single book, shorter than any of The Lord of the Rings volume. I have no idea what he's using to fill in all this time, but I really hope that it doesn't drag like Fellowship of the Rings did. I'm not sure I'm too keen on this idea, but hopefully it will turn out pretty good. I mean, Sherlock plays a DRAGON!

- Origin by Jessica Khoury has already been picked up for a movie deal, though the book hasn't come out yet. I have a copy waiting for me to read, but it definitely looks exciting. Hollywood still loves their YA dystopias.

- Tor.com casted a fictional Neil Gaiman biopic, deciding that Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch should play the young pre-comics Gaiman. Best. Casting. Ever. Now I want that movie.

- Rumor has it that Wonder Woman might be involved in Man of Steel somehow, which would be super cool, especially if it's a cameo.

- Speaking of books inspiring movies, here's the trailer for Cloud Atlas, a crazy massive book with multiple storylines.

And now I go back to the Olympics. Send me Randomness!