Random Tuesday: Contests, Bookish Lists, Batwoman and Lord of the Rings

Welcome to Random Tuesday! Last week I failed at Random Tuesday because of a lot of different factors, but this week nothing will keep me away. Not even a barrage of ants attempting to take over my house! But first, just a note to point out, we’re currently have two contests up and running. One is for Just My Type, a book perfect for design nerds (I say that lovingly) and cultural history aficionados alike. You can enter to win a paperback copy or a The Periodic Table of Fonts poster here.

Our other contest is in partnership with the wonderful Anderson O’Connell, author of Kingdom, who is preparing for the birth of his second child. Guess the sex of the baby to possibly win a signed paperback copy of Kingdom here or download the e-book for Kindle here for a limited time.

Now on to some randomosity.

If you’ve been on Facebook at all over the last few days, you’ve probably seen this list of 10 Artifacts from Literature That We Wish Were Real from Flavorwire. It’s a pretty neat list, though I’m not sure how useful an alethiometer would be in the real world. Then again I really didn’t like His Dark Materials, so that might be me projecting. On the other hand, I would pay good money for a fully functional Babel Fish.

Now that I have a job that actually requires me to work during the day, I haven’t had much blog surfing time and my Pinterest account has suffered in result. And yet somehow, I managed to still come across a Dharma nursery. That kid is going to fear planes and polar bears.

Cover of Batwoman #14 out in NovemberThe real proof of my lack of blog surfing is that I’m just finding out about a Batwoman / Wonder Woman team up in the Batwoman comics. And they’re fighting Medusa! Why is there not a comic book store closer to me?! Also how is JH Williams III able to create such gorgeous fluid art? He almost blows my mind as much as Gabriel Rodriguez. Cover art is for issue #14 due out in November. (DC Women Kicking Ass)

NPR did a poll where people voted on their favorite YA novels. They then released the top 100 results in a list that has the incredibly misleading title of 100 Best-Ever Teen Novels. Due to the title of the list, it’s difficult to really take the list seriously. Think of it as the 100 Most Popular Teen Novels Right This Moment and it will probably sit a little better. At least, it did for me. If the Twilight series ever makes it on a serious Best-Ever list of anything, that media outlet will lose every shred of credibility. But more on this later this week.

Not surprisingly Gen Y (ugh, I hate that label) buys more books than the Boomers, which probably explains why YA and urban fantasy is so popular. (TheMarySue.com)

I love the LEGO videogames. I love Lord of the Rings. I have a feeling I will love LEGO Lord of the Rings, but that’s just me making a wild assumption. Say it with me now, YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

Here’s a trailer:

Finally Eric at Office Space for Rent (which generally has nothing to do with books) has a suggested list of 8 Awesome Graphic Novels You Should Read. I feel a little deficient as I’ve only read one of those eight books, though I own two others. I would have added Locke & Key and Y! The Last Man to make it a solid 10, but his list covers a lot of different graphic novel angles.


I think that’s enough random for today. Now back to fighting the ants.