Review: Revolution Pilot (NBC)

While at San Diego Comic Con, Fernando and I got sneak peeks at the pilots for three upcoming new fall television shows: Elementary, Revolution and Beauty & the Beast. A few weeks ago, Fernando talked about yet another Sherlock Holmes incarnation, Elementary. Two weeks ago I hit up the remake of the 1980s show Beauty & the Beast. Now here is Fernando's take on the upcoming NBC show, Revolution.

Debuts Monday, September 17 @ 10pm / 9 pm Central

JJ Abrams + Eric Kripke = Revolution

No government, no modern technology, no internet and no electricity - that is the underlining premise of JJ Abram's Revolution. One of the highlights of this year's Comic Con for us was the chance to preview the pilot of this new NBC fall show.

Think of a life where all the luxury of electricity is taken away. Revolution illustrates just such a world.  All of the current world order has collapsed. Communication systems have broken down, cars can’t work, and artificial light is gone. Militia style governments emerge, where those with well-organized militant weapons hold the power. This new world is the backdrop of the show, not its focal point.

The pilot opens in present day with Ben Matheson, a father, scientist, and possible participant in why electricity stopped function. Ben races home with a small USB device that holds part of a mysterious reason why the electricity is going to go out. He tries to tell his wife and young children, but there isn’t enough time. During the frantic race home, he’s also on the phone with his brother Miles, a Special Forces military officer on his way back to base, but their conversation is cut short. Then the power goes out and, as mentioned before, it goes out everywhere. Stop and think for a moment of all the parts of your day-to-day activities that center on the simple phenomenon of electricity; now imagine all of them stopping at once. The show does not say they drain or there is lag. No, it all just stops.

The story then does something fantastic. Revolution picks up 15 years later. It does not try to show the gimmicky side of power going out, like people stuck in elevators. Revolution shows us the world that emerges from a prolonged lack of electricity. This new world that emerges has hints of past empires: a feudal system, militias, and small self-sustainable farming communities.  The world that is Revolution is very much in tune with a JJ Abrams produced show.

The Eric Kripke portion is the familial adventure that lies at the center of Revolution. I won't spoil the how or the why of the pilot, but Ben's daughter Charlie must team up with Miles to rescue Ben's son Danny.  This pairing is what I think will be the best part of the show. Charlie and Miles are family in only the faintest of terms and the forging of their bond on this new journey in this world will I hope make Revolution a fun action packed addition to the NBC lineup. 


Note from Leslie: My review of Revolution would consist of three words – AWESOME. SWORD. FIGHTS. Watch it. It’s going to hopefully be awesome, twisty turny family drama with MORE SWORD FIGHTING!