Random Tuesday: An Oscar Worthy Performance in 2 Minutes

I spent most of the day commuting and attending a conference thing, so Fernando has been kind enough to step in for this week's Random Tuesday.

The Oscar goes to Daniel Day Lewis…

Yeah, I think any time Lewis is in a period movie, he should just be given the Oscar. I am sure that there will be blood other noteworthy performances, but after seeing just a few minutes of him as Abraham Lincoln, I'm calling it now - that role is the performance of 2012.  Look at the trailer below. Then read the rest of why.

Steven Spielberg is directing this biopic on one of the greatest historical figures ever. I watched the trailer a few times now and can honestly say that each time I see less and less of Lewis and more and more Lincoln. That type of commitment to acting is why Lewis continues to be one of the best actors of our time, maybe ever.

Some performances transcend the movies that contain them; this I hope will be one of them. My excitement for this movie started right from the first poster and the iconic Lewis' profile looking shocking similar to that shinny penny in my pocket. 

As more trailers for this movie hit the web, I'm sure my excitement will grow. Until then I will continue to tell everyone how fantastic this trailer is and how much Lewis looks like Lincoln.