Trailer Park Friday: Books to Movies Edition 1

Welcome back to Trailer Park Friday! I've decided to make this a thing, so have some trailers for things coming out in the next year that are based on books you can read now. Enjoy!

This is one from a book I've been meaning to read and it comes out on February 13, 2013, so I'm going to have to pick it up soon. Here's Beautiful Creatures:

My preciouses, have a Hobbit trailer (December 14, of course):

I never promised that I'd only post good trailers. This trailer for Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters looks AWFUL, but it has Jeremy Renner in it and it made me laugh hysterically, so here you go (coming in January):

To wash out that bad taste melting your brain, here's the trailer to Baz Lurman's The Great Gatsby adaptation (despite what the trailer says, this one was pushed to May 2013). It looks super quirky like all Lurhman's other films, which I've enjoyed (pretending Australia never existed):

And finally - this isn't a book so much as a comic and it's not a movie so much as a television show. It's being paired up with Supernatural on Wednesday nights starting October 10. Here's an extended preview of Arrow: