Random Tuesday: Zombie Book Birthdays, Explaining Doctor Who, Robots & More

First up, I would like to happily say HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY to Lia Habel and Ilsa J Bick, who have sequels to two of my favorite reads from the past year coming out today. Dearly, Beloved is the continuation of Dearly, Departed, the awesome sauce steampunk-in-the-future Victorian zombie novel that made me feel conflicted about it's lead male character and had me questioning myself. And then Bick's Shadows is the continuation to Ashes, which had me cursing like a sailor upon finishing it because I had no idea it was the beginning of a series and it has the worst/best cliffhanger I've seen in a long while.

Reviews for both are forth-coming, but don't wait for me to tell you how stupendously awesome they are. Go buy them now - Dearly, Beloved here and Shadows here.


Our site's motto is "Because the World Needs More Robots". Here's some more robots:

Designed by Daniel Nyari, you can buy a poster copy or get the illustration on all sorts of things through his Society 6 page.


My birthday is coming up, so you know, if you were wondering what to get me...


I love Doctor Who. I've introduced it to several people, who now also love it. It might have been easier to get them to make the leap into the TARDIS if I'd had this comic (found via GeeksAreSexy.net)


Steven Spielburg's version of Robopocalypse (another book I've read recently that I loved) is starting to get a cast. Ben Whishaw definitely doesn't fit my idea of the hacker Lurker, but whatevs. ROBOTS!


A girl in Toronto proposed to her boyfriend via a Scott Pilgrim themed scavenger hunt, which is awesome.


And that's what I have for this week in Random Tuesday. Have you found any cool random things around the interwebs lately?