Random Tuesday: Badass Females, No More Young Justice & ROBOTS!

It's Random Tuesday again. Have some randomosity!

I am the type of girl who usually doesn't like girly things, like Disney princesses. Then Jeffrey Thomas messes that all up by making them crazy badasses of the evil sort and now I want these movies. You can see the entire series at his online portfolio here. Tinker Bell and Wendy are my favorites, though I realize that neither are actual princesses. Belle is pretty awesome too. 

VH1 put together a list of 13 badass females in pop culture in 2013 that includes movies, books, television and... books made into movies and television? It's clearly missing Cinder and Scarlet from Scarlet by Marissa Meyer is coming out next week. But they included Hitgirl, so that really negates anybody else anyway.

Fernando (and many others) might have to wait until 2014 for the next Song of Ice and Fire novel, but George RR Martin will be releasing a novella looking at the Targaryens in a story collection later this year. If none of those names sound familiar to you, watch and/or read Game of Thrones

Someone want to make me these awesome Batgirl tights?

Wonder Woman is still not going to make it to a screen near you anytime soon, whether large or small. At some point I'll probably rant about this issue and big media's inability to turn this character into a mainstream hero(ine).

Need to get a geeky someone a Valentine's Day present? Here are some great geeky Valentine-friendly t-shirts. I kind of love the Darth Vader hugging a Death Star shirt.

It looks like Young Justice got cancelled. Excuse me while I cry in the corner with a I <3 Nightwing t-shirt. I guess I'll have to be satisfied with little Robin in Teen Titans Go!

And finally I present a timeline of robots created by Taryn Wellman, which was featured in Paste magazine. I always forget how cute Marvin the Paranoid Android is, and yes, I do realize some of these guys aren't actually robots or androids.