Fernando's Favorite Movies of 2012

I am not a huge fan of lists, so this is not a top 5. The following movies are the movies that I enjoyed the most in each respective genre. I have split up the genres into Comic Book, Drama, Sci-Fi, Supernatural, and Action. This year was full of great movies and some moves that could be in multiple genres, but I chose the best fit for each category. 

Best Comic Book Movie

Marvel's The Avengers was hands down the best comic book movie of the year. This year had some good choices. The Dark Knight and The Amazing Spider-Man were both noteworthy. However, The Avengers manages to accomplish the perfect balance of fanboy lip service and general audience acceptance. This delicate balance was combined with Joss Weadon's gift of ensemble cast writing. The Avengers is action packed, filled with smart dialoged, and has a plot that never drags and most importantly: Hullk SMASH. 

Best Drama Movie

I called it long ago when I saw the trailer for Steven Speilberg's Lincoln. Lincoln did not disappoint. It was a flawless Daniel Day Lewis performance and a supporting cast that helps breathe life into this period movie. Spielberg paints a picture that few other directors would have been able to capture. Lincoln is a movie that will live on as a staple of both Abraham Lincoln's life and the end of the Civil War. 

Best Sci-fi Movie

Looper was a huge surprise that should not have been. Looper is a smart time travel movie that doesn’t ignore the viewer's intelligence. This movie seems like it would be action packed, and it is, but the action is not the main draw-the plot and the two heroes are. Both Joseph Gordon Levitt and Bruce Willis deliver fantastic performances that help bring the audience into this world, where time travel is used to kill the mob’s garbage. 

Best Supernatural Movie

Another surprise this year was Chronicle. This low budget movie demonstrates that a good plot does not need a big budget. The story of high school acceptance told though the lens of three high school boys who get supernatural powers shows the audience the dangers of misused power and the addiction that comes from that. This movie manages to blend high school angst, sharp supernatural effects and action without sacrificing story. 

Best Action Movie

Skyfall - Daniel Craig has been rebuilding the Bond legacy and this movie culminates all those efforts. Skyfall brings back the iconic James Bond character without all of the cheese and laughable action sequences that plague many of the other Bond movies. In the end the audience is left with a hero that is flawed, aged, and magnanithemous. I hope that the James Bond movies to come employ even half of the intelligence, action and humanity that was in this one.