Random Tuesday: Comic Art, Bookish Things, Sandman & More

Oh Random Tuesday, you strike once again. What random things do you have for me today? Anyone want to take bets on how long I can hold out before a Benedict Cumberbatch gif shows up?

I should know by now that there is a Fyeah____ Tumblr for just about any subject and yet I was still surprised to find this one for my ultimate OTP - Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon. Yes, I'm a giant comic book Batman nerd. If you didn't know that, you must be new around here. 

And speaking of comics, I came across this fantastic piece of art by Tumblr user Jasric of a gender swapped Trinity and I want it for my wall. You can see other great pieces by Jasric on her DeviantArt page. She also does Supernatural art that is gorgeous (see later in this post).

From Huff Post, the 7 unconventional reasons why being a book addict is good for you

The Business Insider put together a map of the most famous book set in each state. I haven't brought myself to read any Cormac Mccarthy, so I haven't read the Texas one. Have you read the one for your state?

I stay pretty far away from all the Goodreads drama, but I was surprised to find this article about it on Slate.

If diving into the epic 10 volume Sandman series is a bit daunting to you, The Mary Sue came up with a list of 11 Sandman stories you can read and understand without spoiling the entire story

Here's one of the Supernatural pieces by Jasric. She sells prints of some of her pieces on Society6.

This seems appropriate with Halloween being Thursday - the 6 Best Psychopaths of Film and Books on Work In Progress

Speaking of Halloween, if you don't already have a costume prepared, io9 has some suggestions on how to create a last minute costume.

Noomi Rapace will be playing septuplets in a dystopian film called Whatever Happened to Monday? We'll see if she can match Tatiana Maslany's portrayal of clones in Orphan Black (which is amazing if you haven't seen it). (From TheMarySue.com)

And because you honestly didn't think I'd get through an entire Random Tuesday without him...