Trailer Park Friday: The Doctor Meets Batman, Muppets Return, & Something Called Medieval Land Fun-Time World

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, videos have been coming out on an hourly basis it seems. I'm trying to stay as spoiler free for the anniverary episode (which airs TOMORROW YAY!), so you're not going to find any of those behind the scene and interview vids here today, but you will get the answer to one of life's most important Doctor Who questions:

What would happen if the Doctor had coffee with Superman and an Amy Pond-loving Batman? Awesomeness, that's what would happen. The guys over at How It Should Have Ended decided to find out.

And now on to a couple of movie trailers. First is Malificient, which comes out May 30, 2014, starring Angelina Jolie. I'm always up for a retelling of a classic story and the effects look pretty good in the trailer considering, so hopefully this one will be better than Snow White & the Huntsman.

I am of the generation that grew up watching the Muppets and Muppet Babies cartoons every day, so I always getting stupidly happy when a new Muppet movie comes out. This trailer has a ton of guest stars, some who flash by so fast and look so ridiculous I can't even identify them. Should be fun. Muppets Most Wanted releases March 28, 2014.

And finally my sister-in-law introduced me to this video. I don't even really want to say anything about it other than you should watch it because it's called Medieval Land Fun-Time World.


Seen any awesome videos lately? What movies are you excited about seeing? Who has already seen Catching Fire?