Random Tuesday: The Return of Randomness... Includes That Cumberbatch Guy

I may have had a cocktail with dinner and it may have been a bit stronger than expcted. I may be a little inebriated. Prior to said cocktail, this was going to be a Cumberbatch-free zone considering we've been missing Random Tuesday for a few weeks now. But now I'm tipsy and can't make any promises.

Yeah, that didn't last long.

We haven't been hit by the Icepocalypse of North Texas, but it is too cold to go outside unless you really, really have to. This advice from the ladies over at Epic Reads is definitely accurate, especially if you're stuck at home.

There is someone on Twitter that makes Sherlock and Cumberbatch adorable cupcakes. I swear this was going to be a Cumberbatch-free zone, but the alcohol seems to have attracted him. These were created by @Vereentjoeng over on Twitter and I stumbled upon them through Tor's FB account.

Barnes & Noble have compiled 9 ways to know if your life is really a YA novel.

Female Nightwing WHAT?! (fuzzy brain does not comprehend caginess well when shown such images)

If only these Marvel evening gowns were real, perhaps I would dress fancy more often. (The Mary Sue)

What an animated version of Wicked could look like if only Disney had the rights to it and gave it to this guy.

I think that's enough from me. Have lovely week and share your favorite random things in comments!