Trailer Park Friday: Justice League, Spider-Man, Godzilla, Sherlock (Of Course) & Many More

Happy Friday! Due to my unexpected absence the last few weeks, it's been awhile since the Trailer Park has stopped by for some video fun. To make up for it, have an extended set of videos covering some of the scifi/comic book/geeky stuff I've found online recently.

DC Animation is doing a lot of things that DC-the-film-company is having a hard time getting off the ground. The next straight to DVD movie is Justice League: War, which comes out on February 4. It's based off of the first graphic novel collection of the New 52 Justice League comics, which means everybody believes that Batman is not a real person and there is a lot of funny moments. Plus Wonder Woman is badass.

The newly released The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer looks like a videogame more than a movie, which is a little concerning, but trailers from the first movie had the same problem and it was pretty good. It comes out in May.

Syfy has this new show that's actually science fiction looking that starts on January 10 called Helix. It's by Ron Moore, that guy who rebooted Battlestar Gallatica, and it looks kind of creepy. Here's the first full trailer I've seen for it.

Tom Cruise is still trying to be a sci-fi action hero and this Edge of Tomorrow movie looks like Groundhog Day in robot suits. Not sure how I feel about this one. It comes out June 6.

I've never actually seen a Godzilla movie, but something tells me I might be seeing this one. It comes out May 16 and will hopefully have less shakey cam than Cloverfield.

Another scifi movie that looks pretty cool. This is Jupiter Ascending by the guys behind The Matrix. I know nothing about it other than Sean Bean is in it, which means he will probably die. That guy dies in everything. It comes out on July 18.

And finally, we end this week's Trailer Park Friday with the best trailer released in the last few weeks: Sherlock season 3! It comes back to UK television on January 1 and US television on January 4.

This one doesn't count because it's not a trailer. It is an incredible mashup of Sherlock and Doctor Who that someone put a LOT of time into.

And that's the true end of Trailer Park Friday for this week. Which movie/television series are you particularly excited to see? Does the Spider-Man trailer look a little too "videogame" for you? Share vids in the comments!