Trailer Park Friday: LARPer Adventures, Teenage Espionage, Steampunk & More

The trailer that may have been the catalyst for the creation of Trailer Park Friday was the very first trailer for Warm Bodies. That movie finally came out today and in mere hours I will be seeing it, so to celebrate, more awesome trailers of potentially awesome movies, books and videogames.

First I present to you a movie that was supposed to come out last year about geeky LARPers featuring some of geekdoms favorite actors. It's called Knights of Badassdom and might finally get released this summer.

I am a huge fan of Gail Carriger and her Parasol Protectorate series of steampunk urban fantasy books. She's diving into YA with her newest series, Finishing School. The first book in the series, Etiquette & Espionage, comes out February 5. Here's the recent book trailer. Looks like another adventurous series by Carriger.

Bioshock: Infinite has been pushed back a half dozen times or more and I have been craving it more and more each day. This has absolutely no gameplay footage in it, but man, it gets me all excited about the game finally FINALLY coming out in April.

And finally this is a movie I hadn't heard of prior to finding this trailer earlier this week. It has my favorite viking vampire looking pretty grungy and being a domestic terrorist, but that's okay. It could be interesting. It's called The East and premiered at Sundance Film Festival though it has no release date.

Have you guys seen any awesome movie, book, television or game trailers this week? Send 'em my way!