2013 Science Fiction Reader Challenge - February Link Up

If you want to join up with the 2013 Sci-Fi Reader Challenge, it's not too late! Sign up here and start linking up!

One month down already. How are you guys doing with the challenge? I got through three sci-fi books that covered three categories - all on accident. Apparently I have a habit of promising publishers reviews of science fiction books, so that's come in handy.

Last month we had 10 reviews linked up across six of the 16 categories with the reviews breaking down as such:

- 3 Alternate History
- 2 Dystopias
- 2 YA
- 1 Robots
- 1 Military
- 1 Pre-50s Classic

I got through Revolution 19 by Gregg Rosenblum, Dualed by Elsie Chapman, and Prodigy by Marie Lu. It just now dawned on me that one of my link ups - Ultraviolet by RJ Anderson - was actually a book I read in December but reviewed last month. That's me cheating and I fess up now. I was probably half asleep when I linked it up. So I only read three scifi books in January.

In February I'm looking forward to reading Fragments by Dan Wells for dystopia, Scarlet by Marissa Meyer that might fit another robot category, and Etiquette & Espionage by Gail Carriger (that might be steampunk). I also have a blog tour for Keeper of the Black Stones by PT McHugh, which will hit time travel. Busy, busy month. What are you guys looking forward to reading this month?