Random Tuesday: Arya the Disney Heroine, Beautiful Libraries & Sarcastic Punctuation

Still sufferring the lingering effects of some illness or other, so have some random things while I take a nap.

What if Arya from A Game of Thrones was really a character in a Disney animated movie? Well, she might look like this mockup created by Twiggy McBones. Now I want a whole series of these Disney-fied GOT characters. You can find his entire DeviantArt collection here. (Found via TheMarySue)

Also TheMarySue pointed me to this interesting YA Heroine comparison chart put together by Next Movie. No wonder some books are starting to blur together in my head.

If you love books - and if you're here, you probably do - here are 30 of the best places you should go according to BuzzFeed. Be careful. I lost quite a bit of time staring and drooling.

Really weird wood bookshelves that can bend in all sorts of ways. This is freaking me out, though that might be the meds talking.

And what everyone on the Internet truly needs - punctuation for emotions and tonal changes that just can't come across through words alone. College Humor created some. I really need the sarcasm one.


And that's all I have this week. What awesome random things have you come across in the last week?