Fern WEEK 2013: A Bad Robot in Space

Well hello there! What? You're enjoying a SUNDAY and this post from WftMD magically shoes up, is it your birthday? No,(well at least statistically it probably is not) your daily neighborhood Spiderman blogger is taking the week off, instead I the great and powerful OZ the fern will fill the week with an assortment of carefully crafted highly mind-bending posts. Gone are the days of order and make sensedness, now is the week of debauchery and chaos. Have no fear, however; the wonderful Leslie will be back, once she is done reenacting her favorite scenes from Alias reading her current book. Most of this week will be an experiment, let’s see what kind of fun we can have.

Fist up Benedict Cumberbatch, my favorite Sherlock, is the starring villain in the upcoming Star Trek into Darkness and a new trailer. You should know a couple of things. First off, I have been tickled by the movies mobile app which is a hybrid scavenger hunt and fanboy bucket list. The app has many behind the scenes interviews and neato film stills, if you’re a fan of the JJ Star Trek I highly recommend downloading it. Second, as of late Mr. Cumberwhatsies Cumberbatch can do no wrong we recently watched Parades End on HBO and I hope he continues to choose roles of that caliber.

Here is the trailer