Those guys are British?!

Reaction to last nights The Walking Dead "Arrow on the Doorpost" has been slowly taking over my day. In fact, this season has gone at a fantastic pace. It's no wonder that most Mondays are spent contemplating weather or not last nights episode was the best of the season. The are some mild spoilers a head so if you have not seen last night episode the please go watch it.

This season The Walking Dead has has been divided into what I see as  plot episodes and action episodes last nights was one of the few character episodes of the action heavy season. The majority of the time is spent with Rick, played British actor Andrew Lincoln, and The Governor, played by British actor David Morrissey. The meeting was arranged by Andrea in hopes of a peaceful resolve to the brewing tensions that have engulfed both the Rick camp and the town of Woodbury.

Both actors play the scenes masterfully and the subtext between their respective characters can be felt throughout their negotiation. Rick sizing up the mental state of his patchy rival, while The Governor pretends common southern charm; however, The Governor's faux charm is wasted on the battle tested sheriff. Rick for his part appears to struggle with the choice to just shoot The Governor and have this conflict be over with. 

Meanwhile just outside the shed is a mixed bag of nice dialogue, sizing up the opponent and battle tested warriors sharing a smoke. The zombie duel between Daryl and Martinez that many fans have been wanting to see was one of the outside shed highlights. I'll end up watching the episode again later this week just to watch Darly hurl that bowie knife right past Martinez. 

What did you think of the episiode? Comment below or better yet tweet us your comments @workformandroid. In the mean time check out a behind the scenes look at last nights episode: