Veronica Mars kickstarter raises 2 million, Firefly fans call next.

I have never seen Veronica Mars. I am told it is a fantastic show and well worth my time. The producer and creator of the show has wanted to make a Veronica Mars movie for some time. I remember at my very first Comic-Con panel for Astro Boy that a VM fan asked Kristen Bell if those rumors were true. That was four years ago. Yesterday, that long quest finally reached an important milestone.

Rob Thomas, the producer and creator (not the singer), created a Kickstarter project to help get the long rumored Veronica Mars Movie made. Thomas set a goal of 2 million dollars and gave fans 30 days to amass the funds. Fans answered clearly and swiftly raised the money in less than 24 hours!

Over 30 thousand fans raised 2 million dollars to make a Veronica Mars Movie.

As with all great shows that are removed before their time, the fans continue on the tradition. Meet-ups, viewing parties and fan clubs use to be the only way that fans could carry on the shows memory. We have entered a different age. The fans of Veronica Mars have trail blazed fandom into a new frontier.

We live in an age when a show might get cut prematurely and if enough fans want to bring it back, the producers have the power of Kickstarter at their disposal.

I also imagine that a channel full of self-funded shows is just around the corner. I can’t envision fans paying for a full season, but I can imagine a pilot getting off the ground or a season extended just long enough to tie up the story.  

This is a great thing for television. What shows should we bring back? Better yet what shows do you want to see that have not been tried. With Kickstarter it now seems like we can unite and conquer.

So, what show should we bring back next (I'm looking at you Joss and Nathan)? #kickstarterfirefly