The blockbuster action movie season is just around the corner

I put together a list of the ones I am most looking forward to through the month of August. So is it too soon to think of what to watch? No. This movie season seems like a huge build up to some long awaited properties. I listed them in order of release.

On May 3 Iron Man 3: Lots of fans are waiting for their yearly Marvel fix. Robert Downey Jr. aims to please, as all the signs point to an adventure of Hulk-like proportions. The only question is can Iron Man 3 break the curse of 3rds. In fact, I can’t think of one super hero trilogy where the third move was the best of the series (ie. Spiderman 3, Superman 3, Batman Forever, X-men United and even The Dark Knight Rises was not as good as its predecessors). Here is to hoping that Iron Man 3 breaks the curse.


On May 10 The Great Gatsby: The novel hits the big screen with some great actors. This is the fifth attempt at scripting this great American novel; the last was in 2000, but the most notable was the one in 1974 starring Robert Redford. This time Leonardo DiCaprio takes a shot at it.

May 17 Star Trek Into Darkness: JJ Abrams reinvigorated the stale Star Trek franchise. With the addition of Benedict Cumberbatch as the villain, this movie has success written all over it. The entire cast is back and from the trailers, the action seems to be at peek Abrams throttle.

June 14 Man of Steel: This is the one I’m most worried about. No trailer can cure my anxiety and no leaked picture can satisfy my curiosity. Superman is my childhood super hero. Christopher Reeve was the pitch perfect Superman for the 80’s. It’s 2013 and the super hero movie landscape needs a Superman. I hope that this movie delivers the goods.

June 21 World War Z: The hook that got me was the zombies running around fast like a bunch of human-size ants. Take a look below.


July 12 Pacific Rim: This was one of the highlight from last year’s Comic Con that I missed. Ever since then, I have patiently waited only to be teased and teased. This move is Giant Robots vs Giant Monsters, created by the imagination of Guillermo Del Toro.

July 26 The Wolverine: I know that the X-Men Origins movie was not even close to good. Of the actors who I would give a second chance to number one is Hugh Jackman. You get one chance to fix it Hugh. Okay, I’ll probably go see a third if he made one. He is just such a great actor/singer/person.

August 2 300 Rise of An Empire: I have very fond memories of 300. I have to see if the creators can recapture some of that magic.

August 16 Kick Ass 2: The original was such a nice surprise that the sequel should easily deliver. I only hope that Jim Carrey’s presence does not ruin this move.

August 23 The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones: After reading the book, I was pleased to learn that this was going to be made into a movie. The Mortal Instruments has the potential to surpass the Hunger Games as America’s current YA movie-book fixation.