Trailer Park Friday: Zombies, Wonder Woman, Robot Dogs & Joss Whedon Does Shakespeare

This week's Trailer Park Friday is jam packed with goodness. There's Shakespeare adaptations, a cardboard Iron Man, trailer mashups, a new webseries, a Hannibal Lecter television show, an awesome yet horrifying robot dog, and even more. Let's get on with it.

Just about everyone in this trailer for Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing was in one of the Buffy verse shows. And it's awesome. I don't think there's a release date, though the cast is wandering around Austin this weekend for South by Southwest.

Here's a pretty cool Wonder Woman fanmade trailer. I really wish someone with lots of money would see this and realize that an actual good adaptation of Wonder Woman is indeed possible.

A new show on NBC will feature the creepy Hannibal Lecter and this preview makes me wonder if I would be able to sit through this without getting nightmares. Hannible starts on April 4.

Speaking of potential nightmares, have a robot dog that can throw cinderblocks across a room.

The British make the best scifi. Now there putting together a zombie show called In the Flesh and they're doing awesome advertising for it. I have no idea when this will air, but I hope it makes its way to the US.

Ever played Portal? Someone is creating a comedic web series based on the Aperture Scientists. This will either be awful or awesome.

Last week we showed the Oblivion trailer. Someone took the audio track of that Tom Cruise scifi trailer and spliced it with Wall-E scenes. It works really well strangely enough.

And finally another Iron Man 3 trailer came out this week, but I feel like I've already seen so much of that movie in trailers, I don't want to be spoiled to even more of it before it comes out. Instead, have this fanmade cardboard Iron Man trailer that's pretty cool.


And that's what I have for this week. Any trailers or vids I've missed this week? Share 'em in the comments.