Random Tuesday: Superheroines in Pants! Books for Geek Kids! Doctor Who Returns! And More Randomosity!

Random Tuesday has returned with randomosity for all your needs of randomness. It is raining like mad here, which is unusual and has put me into an even more random mood. So on to random!

Powergirl!SUPERHEROINES IN PANTS! I'm a strong believer that superheroines should wear clothes. I know that isn't the mainstream opinion of comic book readers, but I think it would be really nice to read about superheroines that run around in sensible shoes and pants. Artist Michael Lee Lunsford put together an entire line of comic book heroines wearing pants. I've featured a few of my favorites, but you can see the entire line on his Tumblr.

Wired's GeekDad put together a handy list of recommended books to read to your kid before the age of 10. I don't know if the violence in Ender's Game would sit well with most parents, so I'm going to say these are just books that your kids should read at some point to be proper geeks.

The Hugo Award nominees got released earlier. I believe that Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez should win all the things. The actual awards will be handed out at LoneStarCon 3 in San Antonio over Labor Day weekend.

I wish I had this list of 10 Books for Weird Girls to read as teenagers when I was younger. Francesca Lia Block was one of my favorites as a teen, so I'm happy to see her on the list.

A Game of Thrones returned on Sunday, but in case you prefer books to television or already read the books and can't be bothered with the television show, here is another Flavorwire list of books that may appeal to GoT fans. I own several of the books on the list though, not surprisingly, I haven't read them.

Steampunk Batman!!

Zatanna in PANTS!

Doctor Who is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and it brought me this picture, so I am happy. This picture got me through Monday.

Speaking of Doctor Who, Matt Smith is saying he's sticking around for an 8th season, so yay!

Fernando asked me to include Peter Dinklage's April Fools joke.

If the Internet existed in Westeros, these would be some website's house sigils. Some of the words crack me up, especially Facebook's.

This is my new favorite Tumblr, full of steampunk goodness.

We've been playing Bioshock: Infinite over the last week and it is phenomenal. Even if you hate first person shooters, you should try it out. The story is fascinating, the world building is gorgeous and I get to shoot people in the head with a shotgun. Still only a few hours into it, but think this is my new favorite game. What can go wrong with that?


What random things have I missed? Add your links below!