Injustice is served !

In the world of comic books there has always been the “who would win in a battle between” conversions. Superman vs Flash, Batman vs Aquaman and the arguments go on and on. Injustice: Gods Amongst us is the video game that my childhood has fantasized about for a long time. There have been other attempts to put super heroes in a fighting arcade game; none have done it as well as Injustice does. 

The features of the game go on and on. It has a single player story mode that is fun to play and replay (more on that later). Injustice has a rich reward system that has kept me occupied for hours and hours. Alongside the story mode are several battle modes that offer a plethora of different parameters that add another level of difficulty. Injustice also has a Star Labs mode that gives a break from the monotonous fighter vs fighter game play to a challenge based game.

For me the obsession of the game comes from the earning of badges and other costumes, of which there are plenty. One of the pleasures of the game come from the superhero “finishing moves” each character has their own animation sequence that is a joy to behold.  The games designers did an excellent job of mixing in little Easter eggs though out the game. 

Injustice is one of the rare fighting games that truly adds something fantastic to a very saturated genre.