Waiting on Wednesday: Requiem by Ken Scholes

Waiting on Wednesday was started by Breaking the Spine and serves to showcase those books we’re not so patiently waiting to arrive!

Last week I was messing around on Goodreads as I do when I accidentally stumbled upon a giveaway for a book I have been dying to get my hands on for the last few years. I think my heart actually stopped for a second as it dawned on me that the cover I had just seen was the cover for that book! The next one in the series I feel like I've been waiting ages upon ages for. The series I that left me dumbfounded by its awesome complexity and yelling at regular intervals at sudden turn of events. So it's a no-brainer that this week's Waiting on Wednesday is...

Requiem (The Psalms of Isaak #4)
Ken Scholes

Tor Books
Releases June 18, 2013
400 pages

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Ken Scholes’s debut novel, Lamentation, was an event in fantasy. Heralded as a “meszerizing debut novel” by Publishers Weekly, and a “vividly imagined SF-fantasy hybrid set in a distant, postapocalyptic future” by Booklist, the series gained many fans. It was followed by Canticle and Antiphon. Now comes the fourth book in the series, Requiem.

Who is the Crimson Empress, and what does her conquest of the Named Lands really mean? Who holds the keys to the Moon Wizard’s Tower?

The plots within plots are expanding as the characters seek their way out of the maze of intrigue. The world is expanding as they discover lands beyond their previous carefully controlled knowledge. Hidden truths reveal even deeper truths, and nothing is as it seemed to be.

It's possible that Fernando may disown me for this, but... Screw Game of Thrones, give me The Psalms of Isaac with it's complex characters, twisty turvy story telling, clockwork robots and epic magic. Who needs armies when there a song can flatten a city? Who need maesters when clockwork robot scribes hold all the knowledge?

This series dropped me on my butt and left me obsessed. To see that the next volume has a release date made my week and every particle of me itches to go back and re-read the previous three books. This is a magical complex series that has lingered with me years later. I'm glad to hear my waiting for book four is nearly over.