Trailer Park Friday: Black Feathers & Red 2

What is it about Fridays that give me a headache? Or maybe it's the impending rain that just won't fall from the sky. Whatever it is, computer screens are making it worse, so here's a quick Trailer Park Friday for you.

A really cool, creeptastic book trailer for Black Feathers by Joseph D'Lancey, which came out on March 26.


A trailer for Red 2. I've never seen the first Red, but anything involving Helen Mirren and large guns is awesome in my book. It comes out August 2.

That's all I have for you this week as all the other trailers seem to be Star Trek, Iron Man 3 or of something else I feel I've already seen a million trailers of and therefore do not wish to see anymore until I watch the actual movie. Did I miss any that you've loved this week?