Random Tuesday: Why Being a Nerd Is Awesome, Girls Create Better Superheros & Cuddly Daryl Dixon

This vid is going to fly through the geekosphere at lightning speed, but in case you haven't seen it, a lady at Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo this past weekend asked nerd king Wil Wheaton to answer a question on video for her newborn daughter to watch sometime in the future: Why is being a nerd awesome?

It's a little long, but he gives the perfect explanation on what makes a nerd and why it's really awesome to be considered a nerd. (Found via Laughing Squid)

I was a huge Anne Rice fan in high school, but even I thought Pandora wasn't that great. A blogger posted an honest review and Rice had her fans go balistic on the poor blogger. Bad form, Anne Rice.

Be still my heart! There will soon be a Funko Daryl Dixon plush for all your cuddly zombie protector needs.

Thank you TheMarySue.com for introducing me to the greatest thing ever - Little Girls Are Better at Designing Superheroes Than You.

There is a website that recaps Game of Thrones episodes as Facebook timelines. It's kind of awesome.

A fan attempted to map the TARDIS. It is really detailed. (From Tor.com)

And finally we've been watching Hemlock Grove on Netflix and it stars Bill Skarsgard, who happens to be the younger brother of Alexander Skarsgard (from True Blood). Fernando or I will probably review it when we finish, but in the meantime, have a picture of the elder Skarsgard for the hell of it (and because he may be in the remake of The Crow).

That's a lot of pretty right there. Have you found some interesting random things lately? Send me links!