Random Tuesday: 25 Signs Your Addicted to Books, Noveau Marvel Heroines, Bartender Robots & More Randomness

Welcome to Random Tuesday, that wonderful day of the week when I randomly piece together random things of randomosity for which you may have interest.

First off, if you're here, you're probably a book nerd. Here are 25 signs that you are in fact addicted to books from Buzzfeed. Warning: There is a horribly sad picture of book distruction, but the picture on the right especially made me giggle.


Victoria Law wrote a post on Bitch magazines blog called, "What if Cinderella Wasn't Straight or White?" An interesting article about remixed Cinderella stories that use Marissa Meyer's Cinder and Malinda Lo's Ash as examples of minorities and sexuality in YA lit. Law has written an entire series of articles focused on minorities in YA lit, predominantly the all popular dystopian realm, here.


Movie posters for films had they really been about Doctor Who's Daleks. Courtesy of TheMarySue.com.


Hanie Mohd, an artist from Malaysia, put together a series of Marvel heroines in an art noveau style that is very much on my want list. WeLoveFine.com has this series on posters and t-shirts now. I have a hard time picking a favorite, but this one of Jean Grey gives you a taste. You can see much more of Hanie's work at her DeviantArt account here.


Someone built a lifesize model of an X-Wing from Legos and then put it in Time Square. Madness.


Amazon has started a program to publish licensed fan fiction. If you heard a small explosion when this new first appeared, that was my brain. Do these Amazon people know what ocean of weirdness they are diving into?


The genius people at MIT invented a bar tender robot, who creates crowd sourced drinks. That's a bar I want to visit. Found via io9.


And for all of you attending BEA this week, I am seriously jealous. Bring me back something shiny. :)