Video Pick Me Ups - Things That Make Me Smile After a Difficult Day

Today was one long marathon of stress, frustration and wanting to slap people upside the head. Due to that, I don't want to write a review, partially because I'm very tired, but also I fear any review I write will be negatively effected due to my current state of wanting to pass out on the couch and watch more Downton Abbey. So instead I give you two videos that always cheer me up a little on bad days.

First a adorable little yellow robot dancing with random appearances by Britt Daniels from Spoon:

And a super bizarre song with an animated video that still causes random outbursts of "And the coffee perculator goes WHEEEEEEE!" in our house:

Boom chikeh chikeh chikeh boom! You're welcome.

What do you turn to for a smile after a particularly bad day? Send me links through the comments!