Random Tuesday: An Ode to Angry Robot, SDCC Exclusives, Final Fantasy & More

I will start today with by introducing you to my newest favorite people in all of ever - Angry Robot Books. I mean the name alone has two of my favorite things - robots AND books. That should be enough to prove that these people need to be my new best friends. But Angry Robot Books also publishes only science fiction, fantasy and crazy books that are nearly always relevant to my interests.

It's like they created a publishing house just for me, a place I can run away to whenever I decide to run away from home.

If it weren't for this blog, I may have never stumbled across Angry Robot Books. That thought makes me sad, so we're not going to think it. Instead we will be featuring more of Angry Robot's titles (and their YA division Strange Chemistry as well!) and authors in the near future. In the meantime, visit their website and fall in love with their back catalog. Or read my interview with Angry Robot's Emma Newton from a few weeks ago.


You know what is almost as random as a Robot Army armed with books? Artist James Hance smashed up Doctor Who will Alice in Wonderland and it all makes a strange sort of sense. (Via TheMarySue.com)

Some creep was taking pics of cosplayers at conventions and then putting them on body pillows to sell to others without the cosplayers consent. If your response to that statement was something along the lines of o.O then you and me both, friend. (Via io9.com)


I never really understood the concept of Final Fantasy Versus XIII. It didn't share any characters with Final Fantasy XIII and it was supposed to take place in a more "realistic" setting. What was the point of confusing everybody and who exactly was "versus" whom? Anyway, long thought dead, news came out that what was once Final Fantasy Versus XIII will now be Final Fantasy XIV and come out on the Playstation 4. I'll believe it when that thing is on my television. (Via a friend on Facebook)


Comic Con is just over a month away (!!!!) and companies are releasing their exclusives. Something tells me Fernando is going to want this Stark replica shield. You can see many of the Comic Con 2013 exclusives at our favorite Unofficial Comic Con blog.


It's been awhile since I've done a proper Trailer Park Friday as Fridays are like hell week smooshed into one nine hour day at work, but this week there will be a Trailer Park Friday and it will be massive. So come back on Friday.

What things of epic randomosity have you stumbled upon lately? Any other devout Angry Robot Army cadets?