Trailer Park Friday: Dragons, Monsters, Superheroes, Oh My!

Right now I'm probably at a movie theatre, patiently waiting to see Superman. Or The Man of Steel, whatever. My excitement is damped because Superman is not Matt Bomer (been a while since I mentioned him, hasn't it?) and Superman should always be Matt Bomer. I also don't know what I think of fishing boat Superman, but hopefully it'll be a good movie.

I've been missing Trailer Park Friday for a few weeks now due to madness at work, so hopefully this collection of trailers will make up for the absence.

This wouldn't be Working for the Mandroid if I didn't open this week's Trailer Park Friday with the trailer to The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug because Benedict Cumberbatch and dragons. Also a pie making elf king and everyone jumps off of something in an attempt to be menacing. (Releases December 13)

Don't even try to get me to explain what's going on in this trailer for Snowpiercer because I have no clue. But Captain America is beating people up with a crowbar, so... yay? (Releases August 1)

If that trailer didn't break your brain, this one might. I've only played Scribblenauts at Comic Con for a few minutes, but I have no idea how it's going to work with DC superheroes. I suppose my life can always use more cute superheroes, but... this is weird. (Releases sometime this fall)

Want something else that may break your brain? This a trailer for Siberia, a summer NBC show that is part Survivor, part horror movie. I wonder how long it'll take people to realize that this is scripted... or is it? (Begins July 1)

I know what Fernando is going to be doing in October - playing Batman: Arkham Origins. I'm still sad it's not called Batman: Arkham World (or State). (Releases October 25)

For the books to screen fans, Starz has turned Philippa Gregory's The White Queen into a series that looks vaguely Game of Thrones-ish but with more leading females. (Begins August 10)

Finally I leave you with a trailer for Monsters versus Robots Pacific Rim, which is probably my most look forward movie coming out in the next few months. This should be buckets and buckets of explody fun. (Releases July 12)

What videos have you found recently that have left you a little confused or super excited? Share them in comments!