Trailer Park Friday: Vampire Faerie Tales, Batman, WTF & Robot Ballerinas

This week is going to be a short one since some thing have come up, but here are a few interesting trailers/vids I've stumbled upon this past week.

While Byzantium is a name I've seen on film website release schedules for awhile, I never had any idea what it was. Well, now there is a trailer and it's being described as a dark adult faerie tale version of vampires. It will be in limited release starting on June 28.

Cartoon Network is trying to win me back after tragically cancelling Young Justice (and Green Lantern) and they are epically failing with the preschool targeted Tiny Titans. I suppose I'll give Beware the Batman a shot, but if there is no Robin or Nightwing, they may not keep me. It starts on July 13, just in time for the geeks at Comic Con to complain about it loudly at the DC Nation panel.

This next trailer is for The Congress, a trippy looking science fiction movie that is part animation, part WTF. It comes out in early 2014 by Drafthouse Films and was shown at Cannes Film Festival a few weeks ago.

And finally have a short film about robot ballerinas fighting each other at a tryout. It's kind of fun.



That's what I have for this week. What trailers and vids have captivated you this week? Share them in comments!