Trailer Park Friday: The Day Late Saturday Edition

I'm not exactly a social person. My ideal Friday night is sitting on the couch catching up on television recorded from the week before or reading a book until all hours of the early morning, but I don't usually go out. Except yesterday Howie Day was in town and it has been years and years since he's been in Austin, so we went out. That's why Trailer Park Friday is happening on a Saturday.

There are some horrible rumors that is more interest in the derivative Grown Ups 2 than Pacific Rim in the general populace and that Guillermo Del Toro's film is going to fail at the box office. This makes me sad and a little hateful towards the human race. If Transformers 156 can make bajillions of dollars, Pacific Rim shouldn't have any issues at the box office if this were a world that makes any sense.

I mean, ROBOTS VERSUS GIANT MONSTER, PEOPLE! This is going to be THE BEST MOVIE EVER*! Comes out July 12.

*or at least best movie ever involving giant robots

Thanks to io9 for bringing my attention to the book trailer for Phoebe North's Starglass, which comes out July 23. A lot of book trailers are pretty lame with a voice over narrator reading the book blurb while pretty people wander around in the background. This one has a strange geometric design and no voice offer. It's pretty effective and now I'm really curious about this book I hadn't even heard of before finding this trailer.

Starglass Book Trailer from Phoebe North on Vimeo.

This is not a trailer, but it's super cool. Now I want a steampunk walking Lego ship! Even if it is a little creepy in a spidery attack-me-in-my-sleep sort of way. Created by Jason Allemann. See more of his crazy Lego creations on his Flickr account.

And finally another not-trailer. I wasn't horribly upset by the announcement that Matt Smith was leaving Doctor Who. I've never been nearly as enamoured with him as David Tennant and the Moffat years have been really hit or miss for me. But then he has to do this Love Actually-esque goodbye video with an additional manic ending and now I might miss him just a little when he's gone.

And that's what I have for you this week. Do you have a favorite book trailer either for an upcoming book or a book already released? I'm eager to see more trailers that break the mold a little bit.