Random Tuesday: Doctor Who Fancasting, Fables the Movie, GOT Reactions & More

You want to know something random? We've been watching Downton Abbey (finally) and I'm finding it more addicting then many other shows on television that should appeal to my genre-loving nature. Costume dramas aren't usually in my wheelhouse, but this is kind of awesome in that adorable yet sad sort of way. Will no one ever be happy?*

*We're only in the middle of season 2, so no spoilers please.

Something else that's random? People are dying in every show that we are currrently watching. I'm ready for something fluffy and fun that does not have people dying. Any suggestions on a good television series to watch? Preferably on Netflix.

Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who after saying that he and Steven Moffat were coming back for season 8. Whatevs. Of course fan casting is alive and well and everywhere.

DC Comics' Fables is being turned into a movie. This will be a nightmare or AWESOME. There is no inbetween.

If you haven't seen the last episode of Game of Thrones, don't click here. If you have, click here to see the best Twitter responses to the episode. Then be sad with me in the comments.

A hospital in Brazil turned their children's cancer ward into the Hall of Justice and are treating kids with "superformula". When I first read this story, I may have gotten something in my eye.

Also this:

Rock Star Wonder Woman by Charles Hobart