Leslie's 2013 San Diego Comic Con Goals

It’s the night before Comic Con and all through the house… people were going crazy packing electronics, gizmos and geeky t-shirts. In mere hours we will be on our way to the happiest place in geekdom – San Diego Comic Con. This is our fifth year attending and I long ago learned that you need to go in with some very narrow goals to design the rest of your Con experience around. Here are the five top things I’m hoping to achieve this year.

5. Get my nephew a Batman cape and my niece a geeky age-appropriate present.

This year the giant WB bags are coming with capes! While I usually go for the Supernatural bag, there is one bag that comes with a proper Batman cape. I have to obtain that to bring home to my nephew. I think he would be delighted to get a proper cape. Meanwhile I’m also going to be searching for a present for my niece, who recently turned one. It wouldn’t be fair to bring one a present and not the other.

4. See as much Ender’s Game footage and obtain as much swag as possible.

The book adaptation I’m most looking forward to in the near future is Ender’s Game, the book that turned me into a science fiction fan as a young teenage. The studio is bringing an extra exhibit of props and footage that will be outside the convention center while there will be a ton of Ender’s Game swag floating around the convention center floor. I hope to get my hands on as many pins, dog tags and whatnots as possible as well as attend the panel on Thursday.

3. Attend Neil Gaiman’s spotlight panel on Sunday.

I saw a Gaiman reading back in college and met him briefly. I saw him again at a Coraline panel at Comic Con a few years back, but this is a proper all-Gaiman-all-the-time panel with information about Sandman, any upcoming novels and hopefully an update on the American Gods HBO television series that’s been in the works forever.

2. Get a copy of Cress by Marissa Meyer.

Word is that the first 20 people at Marissa’s signing will be lucky enough to walk away with a copy of the third book in the Lunar Chronicles series. I wonder how long they’ll let me loiter at the Macmillan booth before the signing…

1. Request a new commission from Katie Cook.

Last year Katie Cook painted an awesome Batwoman picture. This year I hope to get a Nightwing and Batgirl commission, where they are being seriously awesome together. It’s a matter of getting to her early before many others. Fingers crossed and cash in my pocket…


What things are you excited to see come out of Comic Con this year? Any particular panels you’d like us to get into and cover?