Random Tuesday: The Shorter Version With More Cloud Cities

So my favorite worlds are generally in the steampunk realm, but my second type of city setting is most definitely cloud cities. Click here for a bunch of cloud city concept art, including the gorgeous pic above by DeviantArt user ~aksu

I've seen four of these recommended 13 independent fantasy/science fiction films with many others already on my Netflix queue, and I would recommend each one of them. The entire list by the ladies at The Mary Sue is a good primer for those looking to see science fiction and fantasy movies outside of giant blockbusters.

What would the newstands look like if the Avengers were real?

This week in Science is Amazing - the UK is on its way to approving three parent fertility treatments to help prevent mitochondrial diseases.

Could the first attack in the impending Robopocalypse have already happened? (The answer is no, but it's still interesting to see early robotics and their consequences)

Because there has been a severe lack of ninjas around here lately - io9's choice of the top 13 best female ninjas in pop culture.

Fernando really wants these Game of Thrones Lego characters. I think Lego should hire this guy to create an entire line of Game of Thrones Legos, but I suppose it's not the most child-friendly of entertainment properties.


What random things caught your attention this week? Link 'em up in the comments.