How To Prepare For An Interview With A Famous Author

When you have an interview with a famous author coming up, you would need to be dressed nicely. Yes, you would not want the author to feel like you are not taking him or her seriously. That person won’t hesitate to leave the interview early if that is the case. Also, better bring your pen and paper so you can take down notes. It would be hard to depend on your memory alone in order to remember all the important parts of the interview. You may forget some of them and you may regret it later on. Another thing to do would be to list down all the questions you would want to ask the famous author. Of course, you must have read all the author’s books. You would not want to pretend you know what the author is talking about but you actually don’t because you failed to read the books. In fact, it would be better to read them twice as there may be some details that you were not able to comprehend and that may be the one you would want to ask about. If the author wrote a lot of books, then read all of them. It is part of preparing for the interview and if the author has other projects in the works, you may want to look into that. It is possible the author may want to spill the beans about some things and you will suddenly get some exclusive details about some things that you did not expect. You will suddenly feel excited about publishing the interview and tell the public that you have some news that will shock the world. It is no secret a lot of people would feel motivated about reading the interview.

Don’t forget to look at the author straight in the eye and forget about all your nerves. There is nothing to be nervous about since he or she is a human being just like you. After all, you would want to treat it as a casual conversation. You may want to think the author would want to be treated well. Better make sure the author has already eaten before the interview. if not, better have someone prepare some snacks so he or she would give some nice answers that you will feel proud to share with everyone. You would want to remember to let the author speak as much as the person would want to. The author will most likely want to say a few words that he or she would want you to write down. It is like giving the person an open floor and there are some authors who like to talk a lot not necessarily about their books but it can be possibly about their future projects. Better let them speak their mind and avoid interrupting them while they are talking. They will feel great when they can say whatever they want. When it is time to edit the interview, do what you have to.

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