Random Tuesday: Batman Retires, Singing Dragons, Science Is Awesome & More

Bubble monkeys on the moon! 

That was pretty Random, right?

Squid alien thingamajigs eat Oreos while swimming in purple jello.

Equally as Random or maybe even a little more so. As you can see I may be a bit delirious right now and I'm not entirely sure why. Also Random is my capitalization of a brand of cookie, but not the brand name of a jiggly substance. Now on to Random things that make more sense than the randomness in my head.

Spinoff Online has an interview up with Cassandra Clare, where they discuss motivation behind her writing the series, making sure her work passes the Bechdel Test, and altering her books for the screen. I haven't read much about Clare though I've read the series. It's a really good interview. I hope the movie stands up to the hype.

These robot-building sisters are far cooler than I have ever been and they are only 11 and 13. Impressive.

JE Fullerton is way more talented than me. That's why he created illustrated maps of Westeros and I am just staring at them a little slack jawed. (From /Film)

Speaking of Westeros, Batman has retired, so that he has time to read A Game of Thrones without interruption from the Joker or Catwoman or whatever. This was a cosplay at Comic Con last month and the picture was taken by photographer David Ngo. The guy was advertising the webseries The Dark Knight Retires, which starts tomorrow. (The Mary Sue / Fashionably Geek)

Speaking of Fashionably Geek, I want to work with guys who wear My Little Pony ties to work. That just seems like a fun work environment.

Entertainment Weekly has compiled a list of the "best 100 books of all time". This lists are always hit or miss. How accurate do you think it is?

This week in WFTM's Science: It Saves Lives, we have a guy who invented a straw that can detect date rape drugs and instructions on how to create your own penicilin in case of the zombie apocalypse (or any apocalypse really). (via io9)

Bret McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords and who also wrote the music for The Muppets is working on a faerie tale musical he compares to being kind of like Labyrinth. It will involve singing dragons and monsters. I want this right now, but it sounds like it's still early in development. (Collider)


And that's all the random I have today. Send me randomness in the comments because randomness makes kittens happy.