Random Tuesday: Pseudo Trailer Park Friday Plus Web Series, Why Adults Like YA, Questionable X-Men Fashion & More

Due to a downed server, an incompetant consultant and a raging need to eat my weight in cookies, Trailer Park Friday failed to appear last week. Because of my work stress-related absence, today's Random Tuesday will feature a couple of the trailers that would have graced TPF if I could have magically made it appear last Friday without looking at a computer.

First up is the teaser trailer for Vampire Academy, which I didn't realize was a real thing from an actual real major studio. But I guess it is. Haven't read the books, but the teaser trailer made some waves last week and it looks... potentially campy? I'm not sure what my thoughts are on this one. Perhaps vaguely curious disinterest? It's supposed to come out February 14, 2014.

Another trailer of a thing I was unfamiliar with, but in this case the trailer made me go "OMG THIS COULD BE AWESOME I NEED IT!" It's the book trailer for Victoria Schaub's Vicious, which will be released by Tor on September 24. 

Now to your regularly scheduled Random Tuesday.

Yesterday I meant to write a review of Cristin Terrill's All Our Yesterdays, but I posted a contest instead (go enter!). The very condensed version is that it's an incredible book and you should read it when it's released in September. It's already been optioned for a movie, but the most random part about this is that there is a web series prequel that I just stumbled across because TheMarySue.com is awesome. It's an interesting different sort of thing to a book trailer though the acting is a little questionable.

Author Marie Rutkoski hypothesizes on why adults like YA on io9. Eventually I'll write my Thinky Thoughts post about my conundrum of enjoying YA despite being far outside the target demo, but for now, this is a really intriguing read. It also includes the cover reveal for her uncoming book The Winner's Curse.

Nathan Fillion doesn't want to be Batman, so stop pestering the studio people. (EW.com)

A Game of Thrones character has been recast, but the real question is how many kittens are they casting? (Non-spoiler is vague) (TheMarySue.com)

Don't ask me what I think of the first still released from X-Men: Days of Future Past because I really can't put my thoughts into words. (Fashionably Geek)

And finally another random trailer that wouldn't have been part of last week's TPF since it was released yesterday, but I didn't want to hold it until Friday. It's a teaser trailer for something called Stranger by JJ Abrams. Nobody has any idea what it is and it kind of gives me the creeps.


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