Trailer Park Friday: Divergent, Time Travel, Getting Chased By Dinosaurs & More

Yay it's Friday! I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend and for those of you in the states lucky enough to have Monday off, enjoy your long holiday weekend. Eat lots of ice cream. Because weekends are always good for eating lots of ice cream.

Earlier this week a full trailer for Divergent came out. It includes some footage that wasn't seen at Comic Con and makes me wearily excited for this movie. It comes out March 21.

About Time has a silly title and it's kind of like The Time Traveler's Wife except hopefully not so sad. The trailer aired before our screening of City of Bones last weekend and it looks like a fun rom-com time travel type thing. It comes out November 1. I will be watching Ender's Game.

Here is a clip from the upcoming fourth season of The Walking Dead featuring Michonne being a badass. The show returns October 13.

And now for a few videos that aren't trailers for anything, but were fun videos I stumbled across this week. This one is in Japanese or possibly Korean, so you don't even really need sound to watch it. It's quite possibly the best prank I've seen in some time. It's a pretty awesome costume.

This is a fan trailer for Man of Steel 2. It's spliced together clips from a bunch of movies in an attempt to justify that maybe Ben Affleck isn't such a bad choice for Batman. I'm still unconvinced.

And finally a really interesting stop motion paper animation about human anatomy. It's more entertaining than it sounds.

The Human Body (stop-motion!) from kellianderson on Vimeo.

That's all I have for this week's Trailer Park Friday. What interesting videos have crossed your path this week? Link up in the comments!