Trailer Park Friday: Muppets, Catching Fire, Coldtowns & More

If you missed it this morning, we featured a trailer for The Enchanted as part of Elaine Cantrell's blog tour as a sort of special early edition of Trailer Park Friday. Here's your regularly scheduled Trailer Park with some really exciting new stuff to point your eyeballs at.

First another Ender's Game trailer was released earlier this week and it's epic. This movie comes out November 1, which is too far away.

The Muppets was surprisingly adorable and fun, so I have a fair amount of excitement for the next one even if it's lacking the two strengths of the last movie - no Bret McKenzie music or Jason Segel. Even though it looks fun. Muppets Most Wanted comes out on March 21, 2014 and here is the teaser trailer.

Everyone and their mom has probably already seen this international trailer for Catching Fire, but here it is because it's making me a little bit excited about this sequel to a movie that I thought was just meh. It comes out November 22.

Now to a couple of book trailers. I got a come of Night Film at Comic Con and it looked really interesting. This trailer is bumping the book up higher on my TBR pile. It comes out on August 20.

And another book I got at Comic Con - The Coldest Girl in Cold Town. I know there are a lot of people excited about this one by Holly Black. It comes out September 3.

What trailers have caught your eye recently? I'm always looking for new fun videos, so link them up in the comments.