Trailer Park Friday: A Random Bag Due to Lack of Random Tuesday

Due to events beyond my control, I was unable to compile a good group of randomness for you guys on Tuesday, so this week you get really random trailers that I stumbled across instead.

Someone is making another movie version of Great Expectations. It doesn't look like it brings anything particularly unusual to it, but it still looks like it's pretty good. It comes out, probably in limited release, on October 11.

Here is an extended trailer with a lot of Daryl for the upcoming season of The Walking Dead. The trailer makes it look pretty exciting, though something tells me it won't be that exciting in execution. Hopefully they'll prove me wrong and it will be a show worthy of Daryl's awesomeness. The Walking Dead comes back on October 13 on AMC.

Escape from Tomorrow has had a bit of buzz the last few days when it was reveal that it was filmed inside a Disney theme park without Disney's consent. It's a psychological horror movie and it looks incredibly bizarre. It has been shown at film festivals like Sundance, but it's finally getting a limited release on October 11.

I have no idea what to make of this trailer for Mr. Nobody. Parallel timelines? Alternate worlds? Weird face tattoo creepy guys? It both sort of creeps me out and makes me sad. It will be in theatres November 1, though Google is telling me this movie came out in 2009 everywhere else in the world. Even weirder.

This has nothing to do with anything on Working for the Mandroid other than it's your regular dose of Benedict Cumberbatch. August: Osage County is a Tony award winning play and I have no real idea what it's about, but it looks like family drama. But there's bearded Ewan McGregor and piano-playing Benedict Cumberbatch, so it may be one of those family drama I might let Fernando drag me to. It will have a limited release on December 25.

 And finally start your weekend off with Peter Dinklage singing with muppets.