Random Tuesday: The Truly Random on Wednesday Edition

I tried to provide you random things yesterday. I tried and tried and Squarespace just didn't want me to get into the site. So here is all the random from Tuesday, but with an extra random dose because it is in fact Wednesday.

Lego has released its first female scientist mini-fig. The design is a little stereotypical, but it's better than nothing. (From TheMarySue.com)

Wonder Woman has a new look for an upcoming Justice League animated movie. One day I will do my rant about how they should do Wonder Woman's live action movie as a war movie that happens to have Wonder Woman in it as a soldier-like character, but that day isn't today. (From DC Women Kick Ass on Tumblr)

EW released a sneak peek into the final book in Veronica Roth's Divergent series. Allegiant comes out on October 22.

A million congrats to Noelle Stevenson, also known as Gingerhaze. She is one of my favorite web comic creators and she's recently sold her web comic Nimona to HarperCollins, been nominated for a Harvey Award and a million other awesome things.

Have some of Noelle's original character lady pirates just because:

This lady makes custom superhero costume hoodies. I think I almost started to cry when I saw the Nightwing and Robin ones. They seem to be one of a kind and the last one she made of Damien Wayne's Robin get-up went for $187 on Ebay. So... a bit out of my price range. (Also TheMarySue.com)

Delicious and adorable! What if the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were girls and were put on a cake? (From That's Nerdalicious)

The Hugo Awards were handed out at World Fantasy Con last weekend and some of WFTM's favorites picked up some awards. Here is a full list of winners. (From Blastr)

The 5th Wave movie adaptation might have found their director. (From Variety)

Of the new fall pilots we saw at Comic Con, Almost Human was my favorite. It has that quirky Fringe feel, but with robots and Karl Urban. io9 has a great interview up with Urban and his costar Michael Ealy.

Something else random? I work in marketing for real estate. I really wish that we got more super cool houses like this one to work with. It's designed to look like a 1960s sci-fi television set. (From The Frisky)


That's all my random for this week. Send me more random in the comments!