Trailer Park Friday: Legos, Space Travel, Damien Wayne & More

We finally went to see Frozen last week and in front of it was a trailer for The Lego Movie. I had seen commercials for it, but not a full trailer. I now am kind of in love with this movie. It comes out February 7 and will hopefully be super silly.

Red Rising is an upcoming book by Pierce Brown from Random House that have been getting a lot of buzz. It's about a color-coded caste system, people working on Mars and other scifi goodness. It comes out on January 28 and here is its official television commercial

I don't think even Amy Pond can get me to see this horror film. Oculus is based on a short film and just from this preview trailer, it looks kind of terrifying. It is supposed to come out on April 18. Also when did WWE start financing films?

This next one I am very excited about even though this teaser trailer gives you absolutely nothing. FX is adapting Guillermo del Toro's The Strain book series into a television show starting this summer and hopefully it will be awesome.

DC can't get their live action films up and running, but they're still putting out animated features every few months. This is the first I've heard of Batman & Son being turned into an animated film. I personally prefer Damian work alongside Dick Greyson, but yeah, okay, Bruce Wayne works too. It'll be released on DVD sometime in the spring.

And finally, I have had this video opened in a tab for ages and yet always forgot to include it when Fridays rolled around. Not longer! It's a short 7 minute science fiction film called Beyond by Raphael Rogers about a girl with the ability to withstand intergalatic teleportation.

That's all from me this week. What videos have caught your attention? Share them in the comments!