Random Tuesday: October Lootcrate - The Unboxing

Today was a mediocre day until I went to the grocery store and found a wall of caramel apples. Then I came home and found this lovely sitting in my mailbox.

Whoo hoo!! I never even got an email saying my Lootcrate had shipped, so this was a very pleasant surprise. I know the theme was Fear, so I was a little scared to peek inside.

That looks like a robot in that creepy shack, so this box can't be too bad, right? And are those cats on that t-shirt?

Yep, those are cats. I've already heard a couple of people say this shirt is lame, but I think it's cute in a silly way. Granted, those people who say it's lame are guys, who probably wanted zombies or something gorey. At least this one I can wear outside the house and not fear scaring small children.

What else do we have in here?

A weird zombie-killing gizmo from the videogame Dead Rising 3. Hmm... but is it just what it looks like?

It looks like Lootcrate believes that old adage about the pen being mightier than the... well, sledgesaw zombie killing thingy. This is a neat little exclusive.

They must have gotten the memo that I'd signed up! This month we have reading material, including a book to help survive a Sharknado and other extraordinary disasters and a Lootcrate exclusive variant cover The Walking Dead issue 132. Nice.

Here is the miscellaneous items for this month, including the monthly button. The October magazine has some nice 3D features and those temporary tattoos might come in handy for our Halloween costumes. If we ever decide what those are going to be.

And finally my favorite part of this month's Lootcrate?

This piece of art of Daryl and Meryl from The Walking Dead is both adorable and depressing. It gives conflicting feelings, but I kind of love it all the same.

So that's the latest Lootcrate. What do you think about the Fear box? Are you expecting a box in the mail yourself?