What We're Watching: Supernatural's 200th Episode, "Fan Fiction"

Last night was the 200th episode of Supernatural. When this show started I had just moved into my own apartment and didn’t own a television. Instead I mainlined the series when the first season came out on DVD after a year of listening to my LiveJournal (oh, LJ…) friends go on and on about these Winchester brothers and their adventures. It helps that I tore all the ligaments in my ankle the very next day and had some free couch surfing time to mainline that series the way it deserved.

Now here we are 9 year later, four seasons post-Kripke’s original plan, and still the Winchesters are hunting things, though not much saving as many people these days. I could rant about the changes to the series since Kripke’s exit – how aimless it has seemed over the last four seasons, how repetitive – but instead I want to celebrate what Supernatural has given me over the years.

This Website

In case you’re new or just have never understood where the name Working for the Mandroid came from, it’s from a second season episode of Supernatural. It is to this day my favorite episode of the entire series, though I will readily admit that if I were to rank them on merit or story quality, it wouldn’t be on the top of my list (but in the top 10).


An Endless Supply of Gifs



Quotes I Insert into Every Day Conversation So I Can Determine Who My Real Friends Are

It makes me sad when I make a mess at work and say, “Confetti! It’s a parade!” I get funny looks and no one knows what I’m talking about. Or yelling “PUDDING!” at random… if someone gives me a knowing smile, I know it’s safe to befriend them.  If only more people knew I wasn’t being serious when I said, “We don’t have time for any of your blah blah blah blah… BLAAAAAH!”


The Starting Building Blocks with My Other Half

Yes, we probably would have discovered something else we had in common and ended up here seven and a half years later all the same, but I introduced Fernando to Supernatural after our first date and it automatically provided a reason to have a second and a third and even more until he was thorough caught up on my favorite show.


Comfort Television

Goofy episodes like “Changing Channels”, “The French Mistake”, “Tall Tales,” “Free to Be You and Me” and, yes, “Nightshifter” (see previously mentioned Mandroid line) are my go-to programming after a bad day. Even the more serious “Born Under a Bad Sign”, “Jus in Bello” and the end of season 1 are comfort food to me. Just don’t make me watch ”Bugs.”




And Now This

The 200th episode was a nice pat on the back to fans with the show in all its meta-glory officially handing over the characters and the canon to its massive group of fan fic writers and acknowledging that their version of Supernatural is just as real as what shows up on screen every week. The high school musical element was hilarious and a lot of the episode felt like it was Kripke era Sam and Dean. Things on the show have gotten pretty maudlin in the last few years, so it’s nice when the Winchesters’ world can lighten up a bit.

Are you a Supernatural fan? What did you think of the 200th episode last night? Anyone else unable to stop giggling at "A Single Man Tear"?