Random Tuesday: Supernatural Boys Dress Up, Hawkeye Cosplay, Doctor Who (Non?)Controversey & More

It's been an exhausting week and it's just now Tuesday. That's not a very good sign, is it? Let's see if some random things will make it better. I haven't spent a lot of time on the internet for fun the past few days, so let's see what I can find right now...

The guys from Supernatural were working on Halloween it looks like, so they choose some work appropriate costumes.

I don't dare talk politics here at Working for the Mandroid, but considering it is election day, I don't see the harm in sharing this EW article about the television shows preferred by Democrats versus Republicans. Does it seem right to you?

If you watch Doctor Who, you might have been surprised by (or expecting) a twist involving that weird Missy lady that's been hanging around the end of all the episodes this season. The Mary Sue has a debate up about whether the twist was pandering to fans or a genuine attempt at being progressive with characters. What do you think?

Topless Robot has a good list of some new anime series coming out this fall. I'm just starting to dip a toe into anime and to be completely honest, the entire genre scares me due to its vast size. If you're interested in anime, perhaps this list will be helpful.

I'd normally save this until Friday, but this just kind of made my day. This Hawkeye cosplayer made a video to go along with this costume. I just... want to draw hearts all around it.

Hawkeye from Carl G Martin on Vimeo.

And on a sidenote, this week's' episode of Gotham was really good, probably the best one yet. You should go stream it if you haven't watched it already.

Since I haven't been able to scavenge the web for fun random things, let me know what interesting things you've come across this week on the interwebs. The comments are all yours.