Random Tuesday: Read All the Books, Overpriced Batman Clothes & Other Randomosity

I'm having one of those days where you remember about a hundred different little things that you meant to do days ago, that you promised people days ago, and yet somehow the Earth spun around the sun a few times and suddenly I'm here with none of those things done. Where do days go and how can we make them stay a little longer? Perhaps Random Things will help.

First of all, hello Mr. Falcon. Aren't you looking all badass and awesome? I'm firmly on whatever team thinks we need more superheroes with cool flying contraptions.

How did life-sized Mario Karts not exist before now? Thanks to Geekosystem and The Mary Sue for providing me this discovery.

Disney Netflix will soon be a thing it seems. Hopefully that doesn't mean that they'll pull their superhero films from Netflix. (found via TheMarySue.com)

Black Milk Clothing has an entire line of overpriced Batman inspired clothing. I'm not sure how people would react to me showing up to pool parties with a capped one piece. They also have a Hogwarts inspired line and soon a Game of Thrones line.

Amtrak is starting a "writer residency" program on their trains in case you're a writer that lives near an Amtrak line.

Thanks to a study done at Emory University and introduced to me by Lifehacker, I now have another good reason to read instead of doing something else considered "productive" by my peers.

So the current pilot season is full of comic book adaptations and one of them is a version of Constantine from Hellblazer. Thankfully they've casted a British guy to play the lead. (from The Hollywood Reporter)

I'm ending this Random Tuesday with another Marvel-related image. What happened to you, Amy Pond? Please don't eat my soul.